25 Best Things About A Mother

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It is not easy being a mother cause If it were true, fathers would do it.

To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow – Maya Angelou

Here are 20 Best Things About A Mother:


1. She Is The 1st Person You Call With Good News Or With Bad News.

mother on phone


Talking on phone with mom gif jaya bachchan


2.  She Knows What Food You Like & Makes Food Of Your Choice Only.



3. She ll Keep All Your Secrets Safe, Even If It Means Hiding It From Your Dad.

From all your naughty pranks to all the girlfriends you have, your Mom will always keep your secrets with her without telling it to anyone else, not even your dad.

I am a cool mom


4. She Will Always Support You If You Tell Her About Your Bf/Gf.

grand salute mithun gif


5. And Then She ll Listen To All Your Dramatic Stories Patiently & Give You A Solution

support & Listen to your dramatic stories


6. No Matter How Grown Up You Have Become You Will Be A Kid For Her

affection mother


7. When She Hugs You, It Is The Best Feeling In The World

Mother hugging her son and crying


Because A Mom’s Hug Is Always The Best….

soothing hug moms hug


8. She ll Always Be Your Shopping Buddy

Shopping Buddy
When in doubt, take your Mom


9. She Sends Some Innocent Messages

messages mom innocent


moms messages funny


10. She has sleepless nights when you are sick & Takes care of you till you get well.

care when sick sleepless nights


11. She Supports You In Your Bad Times.

No But U Face Courage to face it


12. She Taught you morals and manners.

morals and manners


13. She ll always come to know if you have someone in your life.

So whos the guy gif


14. She Keeps You Away From Bad Company

mom shutting down the lappy gif


15. She ll protect you from anything

coordination mom gif


16. She ll Fight With The World For You If You Are In Trouble

punch in the face gif


17. She ll leave all her work to be with you

can u pick me up


18. She wont mind getting wet in rain for you

wet in the rain mom


19. You Will Always Be Perfect For Her

perfect madhuri dixit gif


20. She is Your Banker When You Need Money To Party : She’ll Make Faces At First But You’ll Get What You Want Eventually

aishwariya rai rolling her eyes gif


21. She is the only superwoman that exists

superwoman gif mom


22. Sometimes she can be a Drama Queen too..:P

drama queen main hoon na gif


23. She can make u laugh until u can no more

trying to lighten up mood rekha laughing


24. And She’ll always be your Best friend

laugh best friend


25. But most of all, She Will Always Be The One Who Will Stand Besides You When Everyone Else Has Walked Away.

ANd I will always Love you


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