Karma keeps track of life even when you don’t. It will tell you when you’re doing wrong and will laud you when necessary. Here are 25 little known laws of Karma that will tell you when are those sometimes you have to walk away and let it take over like a boss!
1. Cleansing by Karma1
2. Because Karma remembers2
3. It’s a mirror3
4. Because it’s all about being a team player4
5. Karma notices everything!5
6. Karma serves what you deserve!6
7.  Because it is not bound by timelines7
8. Sailing through it is the regimen8
9.  Because that’s the law of nature10
10. And the cycle of life!11
11.  Karma will have the upper hand12
12. As you sow so you reap13
13. Forgive and give!14
14.  Give it and give it the best shot!15
15. Learn to be able to accept16
16. Be like a mirror17
17. Remember to get back18
18. Karma  acts like a edgy band19
19.  Karma can finish it20
20. Though it let’s others play
21. It is powerful22
22. Karma and drama do not go together23
23. Evil remains with you indeed24
24. Hurting never gets you anywhere25

25. and finally never blame KARMA!