80 Pictures That Define The Legacy Of Sachin Tendulkar

He is the God of Indian cricket and its been 1.5 years since God has retired. But that does not stop us to relive his legacy again.

80 images are not enough to define Sachin Tendulkar’s legacy but we have tried our best to include some of the best moments of Sachin’s carrier and life.


1. When young Sachin fell from a tree on a Sunday evening during his vacation, his infuriated brother sent him to a cricket coaching class as a punishment.. THANK GOD!

Sachin Tendulkar


2. But when he started playing cricket, he just won trophies.Sachin Tendulkar trophy


3. With his coach & mentor Ramakant AchrekarWith his coach & mentor Ramakant Achrekar


4. Sachin & Vinod Kambli shared a record breaking partnership in their school days.

Sachin & Vinod Kambli shared a record breaking partnership in their school days.


5. Sachin’s dream was to become a fast bowler but ended up being a batsman.

Sachin Tendulkar century


6. His talent was soon noticed by the selectors & thus he was selected for the Indian Tour against Pakistan. He was just 16 years old.

Sachin Tendulkar


7. With his sheer hardword & talent, he became the wonder kid of Indian cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar


8. Sachin Tendulkar became the captain of the Indian team in 1996.

Sachin Tendulkar INdian Captain


9.  The first advertisement for which Sachin appeared was for a sticking plaster.

Some of his outdoor trips


10.  Some Epic fun in the swimming pool

Swimming Pool Sachin Tendulkar


11.  Some more fun

Swimming Pool Sachin Tendulkar


12.  Sachin riding a horse during a holiday in Iceland.

Horseriding Sachin Tendulkar


13.  Sachin was always a fitness freak.

Sachin Tendulkar


14. Once Sachin met a group of disabled children in Chennai. One of them was Sachin’s biggest fan but he had never walked in his life. On seeing him Sachin asked him if he’d like to play cricket with him. The child was so happy that he stood up for the first time in his life.



15. Sachin was named after music director Sachin Dev Burman.



16.  Then & Now

Sachin Tendulkar


17.  Vivek Razdan carrying Sachin Tendulkar

Vivek Razdan carrying Sachin Tendulkar


18.  Shaking hands with Merve Huge

With Merve Huge


19. Fun times with Azharuddin and Kapil Dev

Sachin Tendulkar with Kapil Dev & Azharuddin


20. He even knew to play drums.

Sachin Tendulkar playing drums


21. Simplicity at its best.

Feeding food to children


22. Virender Sehwag is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Both are extremely good friends.

Sachin and Sehwag fun time


23. Sachin Tendulkar dancing with Sehwag and Zaheer khanSachin Tendulkar dancing with Sehwag and Zaheer khan


24. Michael ‘Sachin’ Jackson

Sachin Tendulkar


25. He is very spiritual in real life.

Sachin Tendulkar spiritual


26. And extremely down-to-earth person !

Sachin Tendulkar spiritual


27. Sachin Tendulkar & Sehwag playing Carrom

Sachin Tendulkar & Sehwag playing Carrom


28. Sachin Tendulkar playing Tennis

Sachin Tendulkar playing Tennis


29. A very serious Sachin alongside his captain Kapil Dev

Sachin Tendulkar Kapil Dev


30. Once Sachin went to watch the movie Roja in 1995. It all went wrong when his glasses fell off and the crowd in cinema hall recognized him.

Sachin Tendulkar


31. Sachin Tendulkar with wife Anjali

Sachin Tendulkar with wife Anjali


32. At F1 racing.

Sachin Tendulkar at F1 racing


33.  Boost is the secret for Sachin’s energy. Nostalgic!

Sachin Tendulkar with Kapil Dev


34. His coach Ramakant Achrekar watches the last match of Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar coach Ramakant Achrekar


35.  Sachin Tendulkar at his home

51 Sachin Tendulkar at his home


36. Resting Before the blast

Rest Before the blast


37. Playing with Zoo Zoo.

Playing with Zoo Zoo


38. Sachin & Nana Patekar at the Gym !

Sachin & Nana Patekar


39. Young Sachin receiving a bat while his mother is watching.



40. Sachin playing cricket on the streets.

Sachin playing with street children


41. Sachin at MRF pace acadamy with Denis Lillee, who suggested Sachin to become a batsman rather than a pace bowler

Sachin at MRF pace acadamy with Denis Lillee, who suggested Sachin to become a batsman rather than a pace bowler


42. What a simple man.

Sachin Tendulkar


43. Shooting for a commercial in a bathtub. He he he

Sachin Ads


44. Sachin Tendulkar at home with his bat ofcourse.

Sachin Tendulkar at home


45. Epic expression.

Sachin Tendulkar


46. Gabbar ‘Sachin’ Singh

Sachin Tendulkar


47.  Innocence at its best.

Sachin Tendulkar


48. Sachin Tendulkar with Sourav Ganguly & Sandeep Patil

Sachin Tendulkar with Sourav Ganguly


49. Sachin & Harbhajan Singh having fun

Sachin & Harbhajan Singh having fun


50. With his son Arjun Tendulkar. And the girl is not his son’s gf FYI.

Sachin Tendulkar with his son Arjun Tendulkar


51. Sachin’s cricket Kit.

With his kit


52. Sachin Tendulkar used to sleep in his cricket gear during his junior days.

Cricket Kit


53. With Vinod Kambli.

With Kambli


54.  Notice the text on his Tshirt. Ha ha..So True!

Sachin Tendulkar


55. With V. Raju, Sanjay Manjrekar & Kiran More

Sachin Tendulkar


56. Having a coffee with Azhar

Sachin Tendulkar with Azhar


57. Can you guess the cricketers? Ha ha ha

Sachin Tendulkar fun


58. In His Hotel Room

In his hotel


59. Colony watchman’s son Ramesh Pardhe who was his playmate, said Sachin would ask him to dip a rubber ball in water and hurl it at him. He wanted to see the wet marks left on his bat to find out whether he middle the ball correctly.



60. A prankster, Sachin once put a hose pipe into Saurav Ganguly’s room and turned the tap on. Ganguly awoke to find his gear floating. He calls Ganguly as ‘Babu moshaai’ while Saurav calls him ‘Chhota babu’.

A prankster, sachin hose pipe into Saurav Ganguly's room


61. Sharing a joke with Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjrekar


62. Something’s fishy with Ajay Jadeja

Ajay Jadeja & Sachin Tendulkar


63. Posing for an advertisement.

Beer Sachin Tendulkar


64. At The Ranji Trophy Finals in Delhi

Sachin Tendulkar


65. During a Tea Break.

Sachin Tendulkar


66. Little Sachin & Ganguly

Little Sachin & Ganguly


67. All Legends Together

All Legends Together


68. On His Marriage Day



69. Height doesn’t matter. You cannot intimidate the Master Blaster.

Sachin Tendulkar


70. Sachin is so possessive about his Ferrari that even his wife Anjali is not allowed to drive it!

With BMW


71.  Sachin’s mother welcoming him home after a successful cricket trip.



72. Diving from the top

Sachin Tendulkar


73. Sachin’s 134 against Australia in the finale of the Coca Cola Cup is one the best knocks by him. He scored back to back hundreds to win the series for India.



74. Double Century



75. His 25 years of wait finally got over when India won the World Cup in 2011.

World Cup win


76. Yuvraj Singh and Sachin sharing an emotional moment after winning the World Cup.



77. The Last Match Of Sachin Tendulkar



78. The Most Emotional Farewell Speech Ever.



79. That moment when the whole India cried.



80. We Miss You Sachin !

Sachin Tendulkar pics


Thank you Sachin for coming into our lives. We Love You Forever…<3