The 9 Worst Things That Will Happen To You On The Train

If you want to experience all the worst things in life, then board a train in India. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Here are the 9 worst things that can happen to you on a Train.

1. You will fall in-front of Everyone

We all have faced this humiliation when we are in a hurry to catch the train and we just fall flat on our face infront of hundreds of commuters.

falling gif

2. You will fall asleep

Even your mouth is open when you are asleep. And the next thing you know is someone has clicked your picture and uploaded on facebook. Boooom!

fall asleep on train


3. You will lose your phone.

You are standing in the crowded train and your phone just slips from your hand. The next thing you know is the phone is playing football and falls off the train. Damn!

lose your phone


4. You will have to smell someone else’s Armpit.

That helpless moment when you are stuck in the crowded train and the next person is smelling like a pig.

smell armpit



5. You will lose your ticket.

You have bought the ticket but when the TC comes to check, it mysteriously vanishes away.



6. Someone will eat infront of you.

You are hungry and the person sitting opposite to you is eating your favorite food item. That is surely the longest train journey you’ve had.

eating in front of every one photoscape


7. You will miss your stop for no reason.

You are awake but you still miss your stop because you are day dreaming.The 9 Worst Things That Will Happen To You On The Train


8. You get a window seat and the train gets cancelled.

Jab we met gif


9. You will witness a huge domestic dispute.

That moment when people think they own the train and fight without any reason. Especially the girls fight are awesome to watch. Lol!

Train fight gif

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