90% Of Nana Patekar’s Earnings Have Been Donated For Poor. Why You Should Salute This Man!

90% Of Nana Patekar's Earnings Have Been Donated For Poor. Why You Should Salute This Man!

One of the most brilliant actors that our Bollywood industry has ever produced is Nana Patekar. A man whose versatility has worked wonders for Indian Cinema, Nana Patekar, has lived a very simple life. For him, Cinema is not a tool to earn money but, an art form that he has mastered in. He is a self-proclaimed angry man whose contribution in the field of acting is something that an ordinary man can achieve. Though his journey hasn’t been a glorious one but his progress from being a zero to a hero is an inspirational one. He is a star but, his stardom lies in the noble deeds that he does. We remember how he helped drought hit farmers. Indeed, a living example of humanity is Nana Patekar.

Here are some of the facts we bet you didn’t know about this man who is connected to his roots despite being ‘The Nana Patekar.’


1. Nana Patekar still lives in a 1 BHK Apartment With His Mother.

While all his bollywood contemporaries live in lavish mansions, Nana still prefers to live a simple and ordinary life. He does not believe spending much on luxuries rather he would spend it for the betterment of the society. Nana feels that his 1BHK flat is big enough for his family to stay in.

Nana Patekar with Mother


2. He donated 15,000 rupees per family to almost 62 families of the farmers who committed suicide.

It was only Nana who came forward to help the farmers terribly hit by a natural calamity of drought. When everyone was just sympathizing with the miserable situation of those farmers, Nana was the one who took charge to bring about a relief to these farmers. He himself visited around 112 farmers’ families in Marathwada. And he further plans to connect with 700 more in the areas of Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Parbani, Nanded, Aurangabad, etc.

Nana Patekar donated 15,000 rupees per family


3. Before entering Bollywood, Nana did odd jobs to earn Livelihood.

Born in a poor family, Nana had to resort to odd jobs like painting zebra crossing on the roads. He also used to paint movie posters then and earn a monthly salary of rupees 35.

Nana patekar Farmers


4. Nana holds the rank of Captain in Indian Army.

One of the most iconic roles in the history of Indian Cinema is that of Pratap Chauhan played by Nana Patekar in film ‘Prahhar: The Final Attack.’ It’s a delight to watch Nana playing the role of an honourable army officer. It is said that Nana literally underwent a three years training in Indian Army just to be perfect for this role.



5. He donated sewing machines to the families of farmers.

Nana says, “”I’ll have to do it to keep the human inside me alive. I’m not doing it for them, but for all of us. So let’s do it all together”.

Nana Patekar donates


6. Nana has also adopted few Villages and trying to make them into model villages.

Nana Patekar


7. His foundation has collected Rs. 22 crores from the people for farmer welfare.

This foundation is trying hard to fill back the dried lakes and rivers in order to provide drinking water to the farmers.

Nana Patekar


8. He has donated 95% of his earnings from the Last 30 years to Charity.

Nana Patekar quotes


All of this is being silently carried out without any fuss and hence we salute Nana Patekar for the same.