A Foreigner Asks On Quora ‘Why Most Indians Don’t Use Toilet Paper After Poop?’ Indians Gave Him Back

A Foreigner asked this question on Quora!

Why Indians Dont Use Toilet Paper


While Shivam Mishra, explained the analogy with an hilarious example,

Shivam Mishra Quora


Ashwini Purohit, explained the same with the ‘Renowned Rajasthan’,

toilet Indians-Ashwini Purohit


Then Pavan Kumar took this as a chance to give a jab back to the Americans & Europeans:

toilet Indians-Pawan Kumar


While, Mandar Joshi nailed It with the norm ‘When in Rome, Do as Rome does’,



If you are still not satisfied with the answers given above then try this:

For nothing can ease your curiosity but self-experimentation.

toilet Indians-5 Syed


This ends on a hilarious note, that goes by

Why do you bathe with water? Stick to cleaning yourself with paper. “


Well-played, folks !!