15 Adventures That You Must Do In Your Lifetime At-least Once.

Sometimes we take life to be little too serious than what it actually is! Here are chances that we have to indulge in, so that we will never ever wonder about living life so ‘serious”.


1. Swimming With Crocodiles In Australia.

This is surely not the game of weak-hearted individuals. The giant face with sharp canine of Crocosaures can really leave you warm even in the coldest temperatures. It is one of the craziest activity out there for adventure loving freaks. Must Try!
Swimming With Crocodiles In Australia.Source: dalje


2. Fly boarding At Cabo In Mexico!!

This is the most trending adventure sport all over the world & was also shown in Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang. It is a scientific driven water adventure sport which enables to feel that the individual has no bound with gravity as the force of water throws you upwards loosing all the gravity.

Fly boarding At Cabo In Mexicosource : pinnacolada


3. Pinnacle Base Jump From Burj Khalifa In Dubai !

The name itself speaks how heart-thrilling adventure it is. Imaging throwing yourself from 168th floor it requires extreme guts and stable mind to perform such a stunt.Pinnacle Base Jump From Burj Khalifa In Dubai


4. River Rafting At Rishikesh, India

This Is Purely a Enjoyable Journey where you can take the admiral look at nature and enjoy the feeling of adventure simultaneously. Totally recommended to do it with your friends as well as family.River Rafting At Rishikesh, India


5. River Crossing In Sleeping Position At Himachal, India

Best way of getting relieved from the tensions and tumors of daily life. Crossing the river in a relaxing position brings a soothing feeling along with inner peace. Recommended specially for working people.River Crossing In Sleeping Position At Himachal, India


6. Tubing In Keystone Hills At Colorado

Most of the world is unknown with this adventure sport. But this is the one of the exciting adventure sport to do with your family or friends in the laps of glittering ice powder in snowfall region of Colorado. This sport is highly in demand during the winter in snow-falling areas such as Kashmir & Antarctica.
Tubing In Keystone Hills At Colorado


7. Swimming With Elephants At Andaman And Nicobar Islands,India !

Swimming with an elephant can be awesome fun if you are an animal lover. This experience will surely leave you enthralled and mesmerized.Swimming With Elephants At Andaman And Nicobar Islands,India source: ameilsious


8. Trekking At Fitz Roy Trek, Patagonia, In Argentina

This is the most colorful Trek in the world with over 100 types of flowers. It not only nourishes the trekkers with its smell but also takes them into a different world altogether.Trekking At Fitz Roy Trek, Patagonia , In Argentinasource: wonderslist


9. Zorbing, India

Zorbing is rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. It gives you an adrenaline rush and a feeling of awesomeness.

Where To Go: Della Adventure, Lonavala

Zorbing, Indiasource: debbishibuya


10. Ride On Lion’s Back, Argentina

Get ready to test your guts and confidence. Are you adventurous enough to take this risk which might cost you your life. Highly recommended for gutsy adventurous Monsters.
Ride On Lion's Back, ArgentinaSource: storypick


11. Paragliding In Seiser Alm, Italy

It is an awesome feeling of flying in the arn of nature with chill air flowing on your face with the adherence of beautiful nature surrounded on all four sides of you.Paragliding In Seiser Alm, Italysource: placestoseeinyourlifetime


12. Walk on the edge of the Building- Toronto

Adventure should be accompanied by safety and guidance & this is the pure motto of walking on the edge of the building in Toronto, Canada. Do you have the guts to walk here?Walk on the edge of the Building- Torontosource: filmyflavors


13. Diving with sharks in Cape Town

Fears are not permanent because there is victory ahead of fear. This sharks have sharp canine and elegant postures proper enough to give you goosebumps. Surely a Once in a lifetime experience!
Diving with sharks in Cape Townsource: storypick


14. Glacier climbing In New Zealand !

Deep Freezing Water under the tiny slabs of ice is a wonderful experience for those who love freezing temperatures and glacier climbing.
Glacier climbing In New Zealandsource: storypick


15. Deadliest Hike in the world – Mount Huashan, China

This is the deadliest among all the treks. Feel the world underneath and get the adrenaline pumping. We dare you to try this!

Mount Huashan, ChinaSource:


So, Which one will you do first?