All Hell Broke Loose When Superheroes Became Human Beings. This Is EPIC.

Photographer Edy Hardjo has shot some mindblowing photographs of some of the world’s strongest superheroes doing everyday mundane things. You will get to see the Avengers pee on a wall, Hulk sewing clothes, Spiderman cleaning Captain America’s shield, Wolverine flirting with Black Widow, Hulk cutting Thor’s hair, Mr Bean laughing at Ghost Rider, and many more. Have a look


Avengers & Black widow nude in towel
Avengers flriting with Black Widow


Avengers,Spiderman toilet

hulk sewing
Hulk sewing clothes


Hulk finger in bottle

Avengers & Spiderman cleaning

Avengers & HUlk operation and selfie

Black Widow,Avengers flying in air

Avengers,hulk,iron man, hulk and Batman eating

Batman & Mr Bean

captain america, Iron man

Ghost Rider fire in hair

black widow,hulk armpits

Ghost Rider fire in toilet

haircut HULK,thor


Mr Bean, Ghost Rider

Hulk,Black Widow pregnant

HUlk with chair animated superheroes

Hulk picking hammer of thor,avengers

Wolverine Black widow kiss

Wolverine showing ass

Mr Bean

Wolverine,hulk smashing face