Top 10 Natural Tips For A Beautiful Neck!

Many midst us forget to give our necks the attention it deserves. Thereby it darkens, sags and sometimes ages sooner. It a well-known fact that going under the knife is never a good option. thereby here are some of the best tips for a beautiful neck;



Remember to scrub your skin at-least once a day. It helps in scrubbing away the dead skin cells and regenerates new ones at a much faster rate.




Massaging your neck can help with the sagging. A neck massage should last from 10-15 minutes only at the maximum. Use olive oil or rose oil for best results. The best way to do it is by using both your palms from lower to upper region in vertical movements. Also remember to never massage your neck in circular motions nor from top to bottom.



Whip an egg white along with vinegar and apply it on your neck. Leave it on for as much as 30 minutes for best results. This will instantly brighten up your skin and leave you feeling fresh.




A fruit mask works wonders on your skin. For best results go with apple, ripe banana, orange or plums and make sure you scrub your skin beforehand.


5Oat meal for oiliness.

Cook some oatmeal and add a dash of lemon juice to it. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off later.


6Avoid soaps.

Soaps can make your skin lose their natural oils. Thereby try using a face wash that is gentle and is pH balanced as well.



7Take Vitamin-E for skin tightening.

Vitamin-E possesses the capabilities to soothe and enrich your skin in more ways than we know. It also has the capability to reduce fine lines and sagging of skin. Massaging with Vitamin-E is also proven to be a healthy method.



88 Use mud-packs.

Make a paste of any flour and yogurt and let it soak in at least for 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Be it gram flour or whole wheat flour remember to engage in it regularly. This is proven to be the best method to lighten skin and remove tan as well.


9Avoid using a pillow.

Sleeping without a pillow is proven to reduce double chin and sagging of skin. Using pillows or having poor neck posture while working or sleeping is said to have adverse effects on your neck. If you cannot avoid using a pillow completely, try replacing it with a softer one in the least.


10Practice yoga.

Practicing yoga at regular intervals is said to keep the neck rejuvenated and the tissues firm as well.  Swimming and exercising are also proven methods of rejuvenation and relaxation.



 Do try these beauty tips and let us which one of these worked the best!

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