Here’s How To Deal With Society If You Have A Darker Skin

Here Is How To Deal With Society If You Have A Darker Skin

The society judges people akin to their skin color. If a girl is fair, she is considered pretty.

Yeah I know it’s not fair and thereby here crops up an innate need for fair play. Let’s look at a living example:

Sahana was a very pretty girl one who was bubbly, beautiful, vivacious and talented at the same time. Oh but well nothing is perfect and as her peers put it, she had a flaw too, she was dark-skinned.

Wherever she goes comments like, “Whoa she is beautiful but for the complexion, she could do with a little make up” and parlors advertise loudly for a bleach so she gets three times fairer and what not? When she picks up crimson or a slate dark top her mom and sisters would snatch it away stating that wouldn’t suit her because she is dark. She is not allowed to wear tangy colors on her nails nor wear bright colors like yellow matte or orange pumps owing to her complexion. Her mother works day and night to constantly improve her color with a number of lotions and astringents. With oh so many hurdles and hassles Sahana started disliking her complexion and started losing confidence. Soon she started applying creams, lotions and powders to make herself fair, thereby being left to deal with a cake of powder on her face; every time she went out and this made many people mock at her on-face. Soon she started looking ridiculous and subdued. In the end she lost all her confidence, was left alone and got married late, and continues to live life with resentment.

Yes folks this didn’t happen because she was dark but due to her pre-occupation with skin color and the way the society treated her. It’s time to stop all this and start learning to treat people well. Please learn to accept and praise tanned complexions too. Most of the models are dark-skinned so no arguments there. And most importantly stop obsessing over looks and learn to purse passions in life like dancing, music or singing etc. For at the end of the day it’s the enriched personality that matters and not the color of your skin.

-Nandita Das