This Twitter Account Finds Cupcakes That Look Exactly Like Deepika’s Twin.

This Twitter Account Finds Cupcakes That Look Exactly Like Deepika Padukone's Twin.

We have seen our share of celebrity lookalikes going viral all over the Internet but none midst them created the urge in you to eat them, isn’t it?



This Twitter account is solely dedicated to finding photos of cup-cakes that look just like our Bolly Queen, Deepika Padukone!



Deepika Padukone has managed to create this trend where she gets to gain confectionery delights as twins.



These delights are inspired from her make-overs, fashion styles, red carpet moments, and her arm candies.



It’s an understatement to state that it is saccharine sweet!


It’s worth its weight in Gold!

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‘Lady Long Legs’ with my personal favorite

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There’s a similar looking cupcake for each one of Deepika’s avatars.

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FYI these cupcakes appear to be as amazing as the actress herself.


#Happy Birthday Arjun Kapoor!!


With King Khan!8


Ah, Dark Fantasy!

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Are you salivating yet folks?

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Which of these did you like the most?



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