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Most of our news channels and newspapers talk about women equality and rights all the time. Times Of India has also played a major role in exposing many crimes against women, But all that went down the drain with one bad idea of promoting the portal with infringement of a woman’s privacy and also added an assault on her dignity. What’s the sole point in talking about women empowerment, development and equality when you cannot abide by the same? Media is supposed to be a pillar of democracy for women, not the other way around. This has shattered and burst the bubble of freedom of Media and also violated the laws of regulation of the press council of India.

This has hampered the name of the leading daily as well as projected a bad image of the state of journalism in India. This aptly shows where their priorities lie, for when there’s so much happening around in India, all they get to post is about a leading lady’s cleavage, am sorry but is this what the whole nation is all about? Doesn’t this reflect on our nation’s proclamation too? Why talk about equality and empowerment when you cannot abide by it?

Deepika Padukone standing up to the daily instead of letting it go, did wonders for the cause, am sure most women would take this as a cue and will start retaliating on cases of same norms.We are proud of Deepika padukone, who has come forward and taken a stand instead of letting it go.


Here’s what TOI tweeted,

 deepika Padukone Cleavage Show TOI


Deepika’s reply for the same,

Deepika Padukone Cleavage


Followed by several of them,

Deepika Padukone furious on TOI

Deepika Padukone furious on TOI


And here are some of the Bollywood machos who have sided her on the same note,

Ranveer Singh Supports Deepika Padukone

Priyanka Chopra Supports Deepika Padukone

Arjun Kapoor Supports Deepika Padukone

Karan Johar Supports Deepika Padukone

Boman Irani Supports Deepika Padukone


Huma Qureshi Deepika Padukone furious on TOI


Riteish Sidhwani Deepika Padukone furious on TOI


Homi Adajania supports Deepika Padukone

Fearing  awful public outrage, Times Of India apologized in the most absurd manner. But Deepika’s fans were in no mood to calm down on the matter.

They tried to butter it up,

public outrage

But ended up soiling it, even more and worsened the situation by a mile.

public outrage-Deepika Padukone TOI


It’s high time, TOI apologizes to Deepika and also become responsible and sensitive towards posting such Unwanted and Obscene Stuff that end up as attention-seeking stunts.

All in all, let’s hope things change in near future.