Dhoni Gets Angry On Journalist For Asking Question “You Hardly Won By 1 Run Against Bangladesh”

Dhoni angry at reporter

Dhoni removed his gloves, the ball came to him and he ran like a Cheetah. It was the end of the greatest victory India ever had. India just won a absolute thriller against Bangladesh in the ongoing T20 World Cup. Though India was almost on the verge of losing, the fightback was worth praising.

While everyone was clearly over the moon after the victory, one Indian journalist was disappointed that MS Dhoni’s team won just by 1 run. Have a look at the video:

“You Are Not Happy That India Won,” Says MS Dhoni to a ReporterMS Dhoni slams a reporter.

Posted by The Quint on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If the above link is not working then watch this !


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