Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that India is changing? Here’s what Dick Smith and his friends did to create a miracle of their own this Christmas.

SURREAL: This Australian Man Changed The Life Of An Indian Girl!


Ages back when Dick was on a trip to India he saw this young girl clad in almost nothing near a bridge in Vadodara however he managed to click a pic and also note the GPS position.

SURREAL: This Australian Man Changed The Life Of An Indian Girl!


Though he left India soon after, what he did is absolutely remarkable! Dick called up his friends Chris Bray and Jess Bray and asked if they were willing to help and sponsor the girl’s education. When they agreed the star-couple came down to India in search of the little girl.

SURREAL: This Australian Man Changed The Life Of An Indian Girl!


Jayati, the receptionist girl from their hotel in Vadodara acted as their English-Hindi translator and helped the couple settle-in.



The SEARCH began.



They went around asking people if they can recognize the kid from Dick’s photos.



Some said NO!



Whilst some said YES!



Finally, they spotted the girl- Divya.



Soon they found out that Divya’s father is a plasterer who earns just Rs 250/day.



Chris and Jess took them to a bank and helped them to open a bank account.



They took the family out for shopping as well. School supplies, dresses and what not!?



Looks like Christmas came early this year!



The star couple also bought work supplies for Divya’s father to make a decent living.



The Bray family visited Divya’ school and promised to come back with a sizeable donation for them.

12348055_10153707321675115_5906361476526675593_nThe principal and parents promised to send weekly reports on Divya’s growth to the couple and Dr.Chellani as well.

 ‘We also put a clause in the bank account contract saying if she doesn’t attend regularly then the funding can stop (more an an incentive for the parents to encourage her to go to school). They were happy with this.’ Chris posted.



Divya’s future is changing! So is India! This is purely heart-warming indeed. We hope that his story inspired you to do something similar.

SURREAL: This Australian Man Changed The Life Of An Indian Girl!


Hats-off to the star couple! As they say- ‘Charity begins at home’! Cheers!