Imagine you are standing in queue awaiting a train or a bus or for buying tickets, ultimately it comes to the fact that you have some minutes to kill so you log in into any of the social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, as you go through the news-feed you see your friends posting pictures of engagements, marriage, gifts received, dates went-on and what not?

Eventually as it gets to you, you end up comparing your oh so very perfect life to the ones your friends are living. You end up comparing all that they have received to the ones you are yet to receive. More and more social media outlets crop up each day which ends up with us making comparisons with our friend’s lives. And as time wears on you start getting disgruntled and annoyed with the things that you dint get in life and ultimately you will be on your way to the road of depression.

No matter how content you are with life and how happy you seem to be when you see people of your age, having fairytale weddings or buying new cars you end feeling with a bubble of rivalry bubbling slowly inside you. Soon you will become jealous of your so-called friends and you will soon yearn for more things than what you can actually afford to invest in. You start in on having an instant meal on a Saturday night, as the microwave cooks it in you check in your Facebook from your phone where your friends posts in that she and her fiance are spending the night at some fancy drive-inn which might leave you stranded with what you are ultimately doing in life, in the end you lose the appetite for your dinner as well as spend the supposed-to-be fun Saturday night mourning and groaning over what all you don’t have in life. You end up thinking you lack something, maybe you aren’t perfect enough or that you aren’t attractive enough. Soon you end up feeling hopeless about life. In order to stop yourself from going through this trauma over and over again, learn to understand and accept facts.

Stop going through those posts again and again since networks are actually created to build relationships and quite not the opposite of it. And soon you will understand most of them are just bragging off what they couldn’t pull off that easily and ease yourself saying that you are actually destined for better things in life.

In the end if you still feel jealous of what the others are having and what you are not then it’s time to hop in for a social media break. You need to uninstall the application and spend the same time on some hobby or any other kind of cultural activity. Learn to focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t. As time flies by you will be able to work on the same in order to achieve it. Discover what you like and slowly you will be able to achieve it. Learn to bring forth satisfaction for that’s what life is all about. For example if you want to own a restaurant start putting in your extra hours to learn more about how to start the same, try listing out some of the options for your restaurant’s name, learn how to register one then choose the kind of cuisine you want to work on and so on.

Soon you will able to know that you can enjoy your life as in you’re on the path of success. And you’ll be able to acknowledge that it isn’t perfect but you are soon getting there. Once you achieve self-satisfaction you can engage in social media without any ill feelings. Then you can be actually happy for your friends. The true definition of happiness actually differs from one person to another which is why some of them can be happy with what others are not even content with. It zeroes in on individual goals. As self-satisfaction starts rubbing in to you, you can be happy for your friends, learn to enjoy your life and most importantly understand that you needn’t actually keep up with them but you can stay happy and perfect just the way you are!!

As it zeroes in we need to accept the fact that it proves the phrase, ‘Life is all about learn to dance in the rain, rather than waiting for the storm to pass’. 😀