Indian Men Were Asked If They Preferred Marrying A Virgin Bride. The Way They React Will Leave You Stumped

Why Do Indian Men Want a Virgin Bride?

With India being obsessed about virginity ; When men are posed with this question on whether they prefer a virgin bride most of them answered on a highly chauvinistic and cold-tone. Some of the reactions were so-damn-shocking.

‘I want a virgin bride because then I’ll be tension free.’
‘So you also plan to be a virgin till your marriage?’
‘Oh I have had sex.’
‘How many times?’
‘A lot of times.’
‘And even then you want a virgin bride?’
‘Yeah! What you want me to marry a slut or what?’

One of the conversation went like this and the general conclusion is, men prefer virgin brides and that pre-marital sex is considered legal only for men in India, talk about Equality.

Watch the video and let us know what do you think 🙂