In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Bhumi opened up about the process on how she lost 33kg and the reason that triggered the weight loss. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On what prompted the weight loss

I started developing health problems. My back and joints started aching… My diet was unhealthy. I don’t have a problem with being overweight. That’s fine. But there’s a thin line between being unhealthy and overweight… I was a regular Indian girl who would wear large and medium sizes… But with the added weight, I couldn’t restrict myself as an actor… We don’t have a lot of great scripts written for plus-size women.

On her workout routine

Honestly, I didn’t have a plan. I tried to do it by myself. I told myself, if it didn’t work, I’ll get professional help. But I didn’t start out by going to a dietician or a nutritionist. I’m not against it… But back then, I just knew that I would have to invest in physical hard work. It was 60% workout, and 40% diet. I started with an hour at the gym. Then I started playing badminton and simultaneously increased my hours at the gym. There are times where you want to lose weight, and then there are times where you just don’t care. I realised it has to be a combination of both… I’m content with the way I am right now. I’m not skinny, and I like that.


On her diet

I had the yummiest food. I believe a good chicken breast, if made well, is the best thing ever. I just picked healthier options. I quit wheat and refined sugar. I switched to whole grains. If you want to eat rotis, eat jawar ki bhakri. The Indian meal is the most balanced meal there is. I’d have one roti for dinner, and two rotis for lunch, and a cup of brown rice. I would put jaggery or honey in my tea. I would also eat rajgira… I started having less than 90 grams of carbs, then went further down to 70, because your body doesn’t need a lot of carbs… My only nutritionist was my mom.

On her secret weight loss weapon

I believe in detoxifying, and that’s what I did for the first two months. I drank litres and litres of aloe vera. Also, for minerals, I took supplements: because it was such a drastic weight loss, I didn’t want my skin or hair to go bad.

On body image

I would receive messages saying, ‘My husband doesn’t love me because I’m overweight.’ Personally, though, I never faced those problems even when I was overweight. I saw myself in the mirror, I saw a pretty, attractive girl. I still wore the shortest of clothes, and got enough male attention. I’m being really honest, but if you get male attention, you are content. It’s a natural mentality.

H/T: Hindustan Times