Ishant Sharma Fights With Dhamika Prasad In The Most Entertaining Cricket Fight Ever.

Ishant Sharma slapping himself


You must have seen many cricket fights on the field but none as epic as Ishant Sharma Vs Dhammika Prasad. What happened on the field in the match between India Vs Sri Lanka was absolutely entertaining.

Ishant Sharma came to bat and Dhammika Prasad started bowling bouncers from the very first ball. Dhammika even purposely bowled no balls with a bouncer so that Ishant doesn’t get away easily. But Ishant finally managed to take a single and started banging his hand on his helmet. This is when all hell broke loose and even Ashwin and Dinesh Chandimal got into the fight.


Then when he came to bowl and got Dinesh Chandimal out, this is what he did!

Here are some twitter reactions on Ishant Sharma’s awesome head banging and helmet banging celebrations.



We just want to know 1 thing. Who gave “Mitchel Johnson” Syrup to Ishant Sharma?