Joy of Mentally dating a Celebrity

It’s time to actually stop feeling bad about mentally dating celebrities for the whole damn world or at least half of it does the same. While normal and sane people wouldn’t fall for the same actor if they knew him/her in person, people fall for the characters or image portrayed by them. Some of the most common things you would probably do is, watching making clips of their movies, interviews and what not? Stick posters of them all over your closet, day dream about them and so on. Oh well some like me 😀 make scenarios in head and also stalk them in social media.


Yes you get stuck against a square hole and sit spinning tales of your love life that might hit zero in the scale of probability.

And this has become a teenage phenomenon these days; because almost all girls fantasize about going on a date with Arjun Kapoor, Siddharth malhotra or Varun dhawan. Some don’t admit it in public while some wouldn’t mind talking about it in social media profiles too.

At least these celebrity crushes are an excellent way to while away time and isn’t embarrassing because it’s natural for a human being to get attracted to the idea of heroism or perfection, for that would never be available in real life. You may spend all the hours you want dreaming that you’re in the arms of your hunky chunk & at least it’s easier than trying to find love in real life.


Yeah creativity is the usurp when it comes to dating your celebrity crushes and it also has the precarious advantage that when you mentally date a celebrity crush they become your prime focus and will fit into all archetypes set down by you. It’s the safest way to explore the options with figment of imagination for you wouldn’t want to take those chances in real life.May be the girl/guy had been put off love forever and prefer mentally dating a celebrity crush rather than settling for a future heart break. But yeah there are no reassurances here either because there are chances of your heart being broken when you’re celebrity crush decides to make it public that they’re dating somebody else :D.


Yes in the world of fantasy you’re your own master. You can dream about anything you want.

However it’s both hopeless and dangerous because when you get engaged or committed you may find it difficult to actually transfer your feelings the other way. Sadly, it might get more difficult when the guy/girl you settle in for doesn’t match your celebrity image. And sometimes you may drop it off on your own accord; when you meet the celebrity in person for he/she might be snobbier or mean in person. So guys; it’s ok to pursue these from time to time, but remember to watch out for what you’re digging yourself into.


😀 Happy dream-dating!!