Joys of Spinsterlicious life.

Indian women in twenties; get questioned on a daily basis about ‘settling down’ which is just a polite way of asking when are you going to get hooked up? As days pass by, the situation can get awkward for they would escalate to bringing forth proposals and horoscopes instead of curbing themselves to only asking why you aren’t married yet. How come people don’t understand women need to get a hold in their phase as well as forget trauma of the past (if any) to get married. You can’t forget stuff and move on within a short span of time. A friend of mine went straight into marriage post-break up but I can see through her stifling a frown every time his name is uttered. She was a child when it all started and clung to him for like 5 years. Yes folks; some people can keep it glowing for so long. But soon as she grew up and started standing up to him, he couldn’t deal with the changes. In short he dint want the woman she actually grew up to be. He wanted a doll and a door mat built in; to man his household and kids.  Only then did she come to realize that living life with such a jerk can be quite a waste of time and soon their relationship ended.

But what bothers me the most is that why do men want to make dolls out of women? Men try to sculpt, mold and fit their girls into what his vision of a wife is! My dear girls, what’s the point in being in a relationship if you can’t be your original self? You can’t put up an act all through your life; so try to free yourself of such strings and experience freedom instead of being slammed often into a square hole. When you’re single you’ll be deliciously as free as possible. You can talk to anybody you want, go out with whomever you want and most importantly needn’t deal with that in-solate and insane texting that has become a vital part of relationships these days. You can also wear what you want; and when you bear all this down you will realize that a stranger has actually dictated your life so long!! Ridiculous right; Of course!

So my dear girls, buck up, learn to stand up for what you believe in and most importantly love yourself. If and if only you have to put down your self-respect or lower your standards for a relationship then the person is not even worth keeping. The society looks down on women who cannot snag husbands by the age of 25 maximum and are considered to be quite not on par with her friends or sisters who have managed to do the same. It’s time women stand up and learn to enjoy with what they have. In short being married or committed is the best thing to happen to a woman but not the only one. Learn to be happy with what you are not what you ever will be.

Never depend on another humane for your happiness. 🙂