10 Ways To Make Your Bae Fall In Love With You All Over Again.

Despite the huge misconception these days that ‘Love’ can be bought, it’s also necessary to indulge in gestures that stand by your words every now and then. As the saying goes, actions always speak louder than words. Well even Candles, love letters and gifts do so, too!

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In the recent years, couples have started going apart due to excessive work load, pressure, stress or even sheer lack of time. Be it whatever the reason you’ve found yourself falling out of love, you can always find your way back in and here are the top 10 suggestions midst them.

1. Never ditch the classics.

A romantic meal you spent time cooking on (and hopefully not burning the kitchen down) scores over a fancy restaurant any day.

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2. Do you remember when you first met and they told you about their favorite childhood memory?

Be it a picnic or a day at the amusement park, spend time on recreating it and make another memory together.

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3. Pen a love letter and post it the old fashioned way. Seriously. This never goes out of style!

10 Ways To Make Your Bae Fall In Love With You All Over Again.

It’s time to show your partner their worth.Ross-and-Rachel


4. Treat them like royalty by picking them up in a chauffeur driven Jag to a private theater and screen their favourite movie.

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You can also end the day with a flight ride chartered just for the two of you. For more details on how to get all of this from Oye Happy, Click here.


7. The advantage of being in a relationship is that you can always have a partner in crime even to engage yourselves in the silliest of things.

Whether two of you sing better than Beyonce and Jay-Z put together or can only manage to croak, you can always belt out a duet of your favorite song at a karaoke night.


6. Sometimes between work and family and relationships, friends don’t get a fair chance. Arrange for a surprise girls’/boys’ night out with their friends and sit this one out.

P.S Watch them drunk text how much they miss you after a couple of hours!

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7. Sometimes showing up when they need you is all it takes to floor them. Are they stressed out but can’t take a vacation?

10 Ways To Make Your Lover Fall In Love With You All Over Again.

8. How about you bring the holiday home with a beautiful tent set up right in the living room?

10 Ways To Make Your Bae Fall In Love With You All Over Again.Source: OyeHappy

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9. What’s more romantic than a hot cup of chai during midnight between the two of you?

Especially now that monsoon is here with all the light drizzles and chilly breezes?


10. That book she’s been meaning to read forever but never gets around to buying it? Or that camera lens he keeps stalking on Amazon?

10 Ways To Make Your Lover Fall In Love With You All Over Again.

Get your partner that one thing they wouldn’t let themselves splurge on. Pamper them all you can!

Make something together. Be it the most disfigured vase or the best souffle that both of you managed to whip up, nothing says “I love you” better than spending time together.



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