New Indian 2000 Rupee Note Is The Biggest Bomb On Black Money Keepers.

The Modi government has banned the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denomination currency notes with immediate effect starting midnight of November 8.

This move is the biggest ever interms of removing the black money from the country. This surgical strike on black money has shocked the nation especially people who have abundance of black money.

While the government is soon launching new 500 & 2000 Rs notes, here is how it looks like:

For the first time, government will be introducing 2000 Rs note, which will be the highest legal tender in India.

Here is how the new 2000 Rs note will look like:

But mere introduction of the Rs.2000 note is not the news. The news is the technology involved in making the note black money proof.

  • The Rs.2000 currency has state of the art indigenous nano technology to prevent black money use.
  • Each note has an NGC (Nano GPS Chip), which functions without any power source.
  • The NGC is like a tracker that is connected to a satellite which can detect its exact location.
  • The satellite can also detect the serial number of the note from the NGC.
  • It has been designed in such a way that a satellite will be able to detect the Rs.2000 currency note upto 150 meters below the ground.
  • If anyone tries to tamper with the NGC, the note itself will become damaged and, therefore, unusable.


How this helps

  • A tracker is the best thing to have happened to currency notes.
  • Since every note can be tracked, the satellite will be able to detect if there is an unusually high concentration of notes at a specific place.
  • If the number of notes is unusually high and the place of location is not any bank or other financial institution, it hints at the possibility of black money being hoarded.
  • The appropriate authorities will then take action based on the data gathered from the satellite.


For the 1st time in India, the poor is smiling and the rich is crying.