No Matter What She Is Wearing, She’s Never Asking For It. Watch This Video To Open Your Eyes

No Matter What She Is Wearing, She's Never Asking For It. Watch This Video To Open Your Eyes

Post rape, every time there arises a great debate about what led to it? And, most of the men read women’s explicit way of dressing is what leads to this regressive kind of responses. They range from “She shouldn’t have been dressed that way” to “Fashion bohot zyaada hogaya hai, jaisi society hai uss hisaab se kapde pehenne chaahiye.” Yes, we agree Rape is one of the major issues to women that India is currently facing but have you ever thought about the woman side of it?

How about it? You get raped and as well as get blamed? Or you are threatened seeing what happens to other women of your country and still being blamed that only they ask for it? Even animals go exposed on roads, how come men never take that as a cue to rape them?

Many cases are closed with the most trivial and obnoxious note that the act was justified and a sordid end of ‘She asked for it’. This video by ‘Sorted Aims’ aims to throw light just on that.

This aims to provoke who are taking all these a dam too light and also aims at making people realize that no matter what a girl is wearing, she’s never asking for it.