OMG! Only One Player Survived Anil Kumble’s Unique One Hour Challenge

You must have seen many experiments by cricket coaches but we bet this is something you have never seen before. Anil Kumble, the newly appointed coach of the Indian Cricket Team, has started his stint with a bang.

In what is one of the most basic exercises for cricketers, Anil Kumble has come up with a simple way to get the Indian team to work on their mistakes. Instead of having a conventional practice game, the batsmen as well as the bowlers went through a more rigorous test.


Anil Kumble gave a unique one hour challenge to every player in the Indian squad.

The challenge was pretty simple.

For Batsmen – They had to save their wicket and hold the crease for an entire hour. For this they, would get 2 chances.

For Bowlers – Pick as many wickets as possible in the same hour.

Anil Kumble coach


Now, it does not look to be much of a test for batsmen assuming the quality the players involved. But the results will more than shock you.


Only 1 Batsman managed to bat for the full hour without getting out. 

Here are the results:


Virat Kohli got out twice within 1 hour.

Virat Kohli


Ravindra Jadeja was the player who got him out on both occasions.

Ravindra Jadeja


Opener Shikhar Dhawan also got out twice.

First time he edged it off Ashwin’s bowling and second time he was clean bowled by Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Shikhar Dhawan


Shikhar’s opening partner Murali Vijay also got out twice in 1 hour.

Murali Vijay


Both times, he was dismissed by Ishant Sharma.

Ishant Sharma


KL Rahul and Cheteshwar Pujara both got themselves run out once during their batting period.

KL Rahul


But there was one player who stood rock solid like a wall. He toiled hard during the 1 hour and never lost his concentration for even a second. Can you guess who that player is?


It’s Ajinkya Rahane. The new Wall. He was the only batsman who survived Anil Kumble’s one hour challenge.

Ajinkya Rahane


Here is a video clip from the one hour challenge.


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