7 Things Your Parents Do For You That Prove They Are God’s Best Gift

7 Things Your Parents Do For You That Prove They Are God's Best Gift

“In teaching you, they raised their words, not their voices. It is a rain that grows a better person, not a thunder!”


They make you proud, the most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents happy and proud by letting them know that they were the reason behind your success. You are their world; tiny but prime! No matter how old you grow, for them you’ll also be their little one, naughty but sweet one! Heaven is too small to put them in. Respect them & love them from all your heart!

Here are some beautiful things that your parents do for you.

1. They sacrificed everything for you !

never complain

2. They spent sleepless nights only to ensure that you sleep well !



3. They direct you to the right path, keeping you away from all possible distractions.

right path

4. They fight for you no matter how wrong you are!


5. You are who you are because of them


6. They scold you, punish you only for your betterment so that tomorrow when you wake up, you have evolved into a beautiful person


7. There’s no other relation superior to this


So guys, do not forget to love your parents while growing up, you often forget that they’re aging too.