PM Modi Was Not Sleeping In The Parliament. Here Is Proof!

With India celebrating the newly coined ‘Constitution Day’; endorsed by none other than PM Narendra Modi, it is ironic that he was also caught sleeping during the parliament session. With PM Modi being caught on cam sleeping during a Lok Sabha parliament session, the social media went on fire! #PMJetlag even started trending.


But we for sure know that PM Modi was not sleeping during the Parliament session!

PM Modi Caught Sleeping During Parliament Session, Jetlag!?

Immediately the critics who are always on the lookout for any such opportunities suggested that our poor leader is suffering from a case of jetlag from travelling too much.


Here is the unedited footage of the whole story which proves that our PM was not sleeping for a second.


Note the timings and decide for yourself who was sleeping and who was not.

Bring it on Trolls!