Once A Mother Was Forced To Give Up Her Kid, Now The Kid Is Making Her Proud!

Here’s a story of a woman who stood up against the world to make sure that her daughter stays ALIVE!

This mother stood up against her in-laws in order to make sure that her daughter is not killed or abandoned. As soon as her family discovered that she was having a girl child they forced her to give up the child since they wanted a son but this brave mother made the decision of her life on the same day. She moved out and began a new life. Today, the very SAME daughter is making her proud in front of the whole world.

Now her daughter stands tall, as an achiever. A woman who was adjudged Miss India World 2009.

Kudos to woman power!

This is an excerpt from ‘The World Before Her’, a documentary by Nisha Pahuja, presented by Anurag Kashyap in India.

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