NO! Satya Nadella Did Not Insult Narendra Modi. He Just Has OCD!.

Every Indian felt insulted when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wiping off his hands after shaking it with the PM Narendra Modi.

In a video recorded at the event, the Microsoft head brushes his hands in a gesture that looks like he is wiping off dust. But it is not known if the gesture was deliberate or out of habit or just unintentional. Satya Nadella Did Not Insult Narendra Modi and looks like he just has OCD.


The incident took place at the Digital India dinner during the PM’s visit to Silicon Valley, where he was interacting with top CEOs.



But the fact is Satya Nadella has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and due to this may be he is paranoid about cleanliness.

An unhealthy mind tries to drag everyone down to lowest level but they should be aware that some people are smart enough to recognize their insidious motives and ignore their incessant rumor mongering.


We presume that Satya’s act was not a way to show any disrespect.

Enough said! Here is the Video!