SHOCKING : 20 Kgs Of Plastic Removed From This Bull’s Stomach In India

What’s the point in bringing out laws and jurisdictions to protect cattle from slaughter and meat-making when they’re condemned to a much worser fate on a daily basis?

This video proves it to you on the fact that they are indeed suffering a much brutal fate than being slaughtered.

What the country actually needs is – ‘plastic ban’

Because unless such a revolution is bought about, there’s no point in actually adhering to the so-called ‘slaughter laws’.

Do not watch if you are weak hearted.

The government actually needs to float out a strict law against the usage of plastic and plastic products which can not only improve the state of cattle but humane population as well.

It’s time they cared about what the cattle is eating rather than who is eating the cattle because, by the laws of nature man is supposed to be a carnivore.

Imposing a ban will in no way stop him from being one!

Here’s the message that they posted along with the video,

‘We rescued a sick street bull who had been living off of garbage his entire life. We knew his stomach was full of plastic and he urgently needed surgery. Our veterinarians surgically removed more than 20 kgs (40 pounds) of plastic and garbage that had been accumulating in his stomach for many years.’.