A lot has been said and even lives have been lost with regard to the ‘beef ban’ that Prime Minister Modi bought about in the year 2015.

Here's Why Beef Ban Might Be Actually Good For India Now!


The media debates over the ideology that Agricultural and Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) might be the one to get affected the worst.


Some even state that India cannot afford such an outrageous move!

It is also being rumoured that it is impossible to ban beef exports as it would hit the rate of export in India’s economy which would affect the state of living in return.

With all that in the picture. here’s why we think that cow protection is more important than cow slaughter:

Here's Why Beef Ban Might Be Actually Good For India Now!Source

  • Cow milk has carbohydrate, protein, minerals, vitamin D which helps in mental development and increases immunity. Hence constantly consuming it will yield a better future generation for the country.
  •  A research proved that consuming cow urine helps in treating diseases like cancer and Tuberculosis as well.
  •  Did you know US imports cow urine every year to make cancer medicines?
  • Cow dung, which we think is useless; retains the soil moisture by 50% more than chemical fertilisers which in return results in better crop production thereby helping us deal with malnutrition and lack of food in the country.
  • Biogas produced from cow dung is being used as car fuel in countries like America and Germany.
  • Toyota is working on making hydrogen fuel using cow dung.
  • It’s proved in studied that eating cow meat is harmful to the environment. According to the United Nations health organization, cow meat can be dangerous to the climate as well.
  • Beef production needs 28% more space than any other cattle and it contributes 11% more to the global warming.


What’s even more shocking is,

According to a Swedish study, the amount of greenhouse gas that is emitted while cooking of 1 kg beef is equivalent to the amount needed to drive a car for about 160 km – which means that your contribution to global warming while you are travelling from Delhi to Agra is equal to consuming 1 kg of beef.

Isn’t that reason enough?


Watch the video below for more details !


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