With this generation being forced to eat healthier, maintaining a healthy diet however is quite difficult. How do we know which foods to gorge in and which ones to eat in small quantities? 
Reports state that a healthy adult must only consume around 2000-2500 calories a day. The people over at WiseGeek decided to create an experiment based on the same wherein they visualized what 200 calories looked like in various types of food. 
  1. Coca Cola


2. Sausage 200-calories-of-food_2

3. Pasta200-calories-of-food_3

4. French Fries200-calories-of-food_4

5. Gummy bears200-calories-of-food_5

6.  M & M’s200-calories-of-food_6

7. Salted potato chips200-calories-of-food_7

8. Boiled carrots200-calories-of-food_8

9. Pepper200-calories-of-food_9

10. Broccoli200-calories-of-food_10

11. Boiled peas200-calories-of-food_11

12. Boiled corn200-calories-of-food_12

13. Avacado200-calories-of-food_13

14.  Celery sticks200-calories-of-food_14

15. Grapes200-calories-of-food_15

16. Apple slices200-calories-of-food_16

17. Kiwi200-calories-of-food_17

18. Nuts200-calories-of-food_18

19. Burger200-calories-of-food_19

20. Brown Bread200-calories-of-food_20

21. White bread200-calories-of-food_21

22. Wheat Flour200-calories-of-food_22

23. Cheese200-calories-of-food_23

24. Butter200-calories-of-food_24

25. Boiled eggs200-calories-of-food_25

26. Apricot200-calories-of-food_26

27. Strawberry Yogurt 200-calories-of-food_27

28. Cream


29. Milk200-calories-of-food_29

30. Snickers Bar200-calories-of-food_30

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Source: wiseGEEK