ST And OBC Students Can Get Admission In IIM-A By Not Attempting Any Question In CAT


In a reply to an RTI inquiry, it was revealed that the cut off for ST candidates for getting admission into IIM Ahmedabad 2013-15 batch was 38.34 percentile. In conclusion even if you don’t attempt any answers in your CAT paper, your score is roughly 55 percentile.

It’s a well-known fact that Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is arguably one of the top management colleges in the country and that every year, more than a hundred thousand students appear for the Common Admission Test (CAT) and it is a well-known fact that for most of these people, IIM-A would be their dream heaven.


In the year 2013, about 1.73 lakh students appeared for the CAT examination.

Now while we all know that CAT has negative marking, the shocking part is that in the year 2013, over 95,000 of test takers got zero or negative marks.

Shockingly the cut offs are generally never declared but you can file an RTI and ask them what the cut offs were and someone named Mr Deepak Mehta filed it and got a reply as well.

Here is the copy of the RTI


Now check out the full explanation in this video!


Here is the copy of the marksheet of a candidate who did not attempt a single question in CAT paper.

ST And OBC Students Can Get Admission In IIM-A By Not Attempting Any Question In CATSource:

A score of ‘0’ in QA and DI equals 53.61 percentile and the same in VA and LR puts a candidate on 57.23 percentile. The overall percentile for a candidate scoring zero in both the section is 55.46 percentile.



It means that a student who has a certificate of ST reservation will get into the best university in the country without attempting a single question.


Is this what our education system has become? Are we going to allow this injustice to continue. Won’t it affect the reputation of IIM-A which is considered as one of the best in India.


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