The Craziest Student Presentation Ever. Professor Stunned.

Normal is boring, being weird and crazy makes you happy in life.

Tarun Shakyawar from SIBM Pune surprised everyone in his institution with a rocking presentation.

You will not believe what this guy did to make his presentation, interesting.

This 22 year old student from SYMBIOSIS, Pune played a super-hit song by Linkin-Park and gained the attention of one and all. Soon all the students and even the professor were watching his presentation with excitement and undivided attention. This highlighted the changing face of nation’s desperado and managerial tactics. He started literally singing out his presentation for one of his courses and turned a boring presentation class into one-hell of a kick. He wrote lyrics to the tune of the immensely-popular Linkin Park song In the End. At the end of the presentation, the entire class gave him a standing ovation. It also fetched him the highest marks.

What more, He confessed that he made the whole video in less than an hour? What was supposed to be a boring presentation on Innovative HR practices, turned to be the most memorable day of his life as it earned him points and popularity all at the same time.The presentation became such a great HIT that even the audience started humming along with it.


Way to go Chap . What say, would anyone of you try this?


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