9 Things That Are Already Banned In India This Year & What Next?

Here are 9 things ranging from that of beef to even documentaries that the Indian Government has banned in our march to prosperity.

So lo and behold, here’s the list.


1. Ban on cuss words in Bollywood movies.

Apparently the censor board think that banning cuss words like ‘Saale’ & ‘Kutte’ will improve the country.

cuss words in bollywoodSource: Ytimg


2. Ban against the release of the film Dirty Politics in Bihar.

The Patna High Court has banned the release of the film in Bihar over alleged objectionable scenes in the film.

Dirty PoliticsSource: Anmolsite


3. Ban on the screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey in Indian theaters.

Anyways there would be no point in releasing it in Indian theaters for the edited version submitted to our censor board would cut-out all sex scenes and nudity herein the whole movie.

fifty shades of greySource: Dailymail


4. Ban on beef in Maharashtra

Get ready to pay Rs 10,000 or stay 5 years in jail if you want to consume beef in Maharashtra.

Beef Ban-eating-cow-ban-maharashtra

Source: Indiaopines


5. Ban on the release of BBC’s documentary, India’s Daughter in India

Rape- Yes, Screening Documentary- No!

Indias DaughterSource: filmyflavors


6. Ban on inviting foreigners to parties (Yes you read it right).

If you live in Karnataka and there are foreigners at your party then you need to record the party and it must be under police supervision says so the government.

party on a beach in GoaSource: Static.guim

7. The AIB Roast

No you cannot laugh, that’s against the law!

AIB RoastSource: comedyflavors

9. Ban On Porn

No to pleasuring yourself, no to self-relief! & what not?

Porn BanSource: Tribune

So What next? Ban on breathing?