20 Things That Every Curvy Indian Girl Will Be Able To Relate To.

We belong to the class of women who are referred to as ‘The healthy size’. Though we live the same robust, wonderful and insanely busy life like others we are buttoned down with tags like lazy and what not?


Our lives do not revolve around acceptance and compliments from the general public. We aren’t afraid to make space for ourselves in this world (pun-intended).

Here are 20 Things That Every Curvy Indian Girl Will Be Able To Relate To,


1. Your relatives feel the need to comment on your weight and size every time you meet them.


2.  It gets worse when they try to smoother it over with comments like,’You’re healthy’ and ‘You’re Chubby’, only to deepen the gash.


3. People advise you to lose weight all the time like it’s your one-way ticket to succeed in everything in life.


4. Stores don’t carry your sizes at all. It’s either too small or too big.


5. You are familiar with every diet that is possible in the planet. Thanks to your cousins, aunts, uncles and their friends.


6. Many strike a conversation with you starting with; ‘I was fat but I lost weight by’.


7. Your family makes it a point to remind you often about losing weight so that you can look like a marriageable material.


8. Not one day goes by without someone asking you ‘How will you get married if you’re like this?’.


9. You spend a lot of time looking up tips on-line on how to dress up an hour-glass body.


10. Shift dresses make you look like a cupcake top. So Maxi-dresses are the way to go! Something is better than nothing right!


11. You can never ever buy anything without trying it on before-hand.

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12. All your clothes need sliding adjustments, slip-ons and shape wear. It’s a never ending saga.


13. You’ve lost count of the number of times people have advised you to go on dieting pills.


14. Birthday gifts range from gym memberships, dieting books to weight loss powders.


15. Men presume they can hit on you with a pick-up line like ‘I like women who eat’ or ‘I’m a foodie too’.


16. Most of your regular and normal outfits turn into something sexual. Even sweaters and kurtas become sexy, thanks to curves you can never look innocent.


17. Your friends and siblings rub salt onto the wound by stating ‘You should be comfortable the way you are’.


18. There’s no dress that fits you best in all the right places. It’s either too tight here or cutting through here.


19. You can never ever borrow dresses from mates or siblings for fear of stretching them out. Refraining from borrowing is the only way to steer clear of being humiliated.


20. BUT, if you find anything that sticks to you like a second-skin there’s nothing that can stop you because curves are beautiful!


We don’t care about anything else. We are proud of ourselves, just the way we are. Deal with it folks.


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