This Film Shows How You Should Celebrate Diwali This Year #GharkiDiwali

There's no Diwali like, #Gharkidiwali indeed.

‘We are so busy growing up,
we forget the fact that our parents are growing old, too’.

Our parents might be the most important people for us, on the planet. We might turn onto them for everything in life, right from dropping us in school, to cooking lunch and making sure we reached home safe they took care of every intimate detail in our life. Even after we get married, parents stay the same, the rock-solid pillars of our life. We rely on fathers to guide and advice us while mothers bear all our emotional baggage. Yes, every one amongst you might love them to bits, but what exactly have we done about it? Love, multiplies when expressed. They have been with us, every step of our life and borne all our mishaps and hassles.We aren’t giving them their due of love and attention either consciously or unconsciously and it’s time we buckled up ; gave their due, for it’s now or never.

This film goes through and portrays the emotional hassles of every parent who are available- 24*7 for their children; guiding them, bearing their problems and offering advice.

Diwali being the festival of lights also talks about ‘Joy’, multiplies when shared.
Think about, the smile on your parent’s faces when you might drop-in for celebrating Diwali. Their happiness and smile is reward enough. Life is not all about making money, take time and appreciate what you have and remember to start with your parents.

There’s no Diwali like, #Gharkidiwali indeed.