Watch How NaMo Gave A Perfect Rebuttal To Digvijay Singh On The Issue Of Muslims being ignored by BJP

Narendra Modi and Digivay Singh (Diggy Raja) fight at India Today conclave over the issue of Muslims and Diggy just realized what it means to divide India on the basis of Hindu and Muslims.

Narendra Modi answered Diggy Raja’s question on how many Muslims got BJP tickets in Gujarat. The reply by Namo is just awesome. Check it out.

Watch how NaMo gave a perfect rebuttal to Digvijaya Singh on the issue of Muslims being ignored by BJP

Posted by ComedyFlavors on Wednesday, February 24, 2016


What a befitting reply to all who divide India on the basis of religion. To divide India on the lines of race, religion, caste, language and local identity is the worst thing to do. And what is far more depressing is that Indians are aware of this and still play along and divide themselves on such lines. Indians need to wake up to realise this kind of politics will only divide the country further.