Watch What Happens When These People Throw Garbage On The Streets

For people who litter and run, Here’s a little surprise.

An age-old saying goes by the norm that, ‘ Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ but do we actually abide by it? Most of us take it to keep our homes clean but what about the feeling of OUR street, OUR area, OUR city and the when will the WILL to keep it clean ever arise?

Being Stylish is an option but being clean is not.

We hate it when people litter on roads from their cars, it pisses us off, this time we thought about pissing them off in return. They had no idea that the garbage they threw out of their car window’s would find its way back to them.

And that’s just what they did !! Imagine all the litter you throw out have a way to get back to you? Wouldn’t that make people realize the true value of cleanliness and also make them crop-out from littering public places? We wouldn’t litter if it got back to us isn’t it?

Watch the video and let us know about your take on it.