What Will Happen If Guys Had Periods?

What will happen if the guys had periods?

Though we are living in the 21 St century, periods and almost all of women issues are still considered a taboo and a strict NO-NO in some parts of the country.

FYI: Periods is just a monthly regimen inside a woman’s body that states that she has a normal and healthy menstrual cycle.

Men and all around her, should actually be happy about it but not even very few are. In women world, it’s that time of the month where they should indulge chocolates, kisses, love, bubble baths, hugs and lot of love to go with it. But the society and the people (Read: Men) only add to the stress and make it much more difficult for the other side of the sex.

So how about switching sides? What if the guys had periods? What will they do? will they be able to handle the pain?

Both guys and girls were asked this question and watch this to know how they reacted.