While Most Of Us Talk About Bringing Change, Here’s The Woman Who Does It

While most of us limit to voicing and reading about feminism and empowerment ; here’s the Sarpanch of Chappar village, Neelam who works for women empowerment , tries to remove hostility towards female infants and also tries to being in gender equality .She shares with us, on how her village has changed for good. Watch the video and you’ll feel yourself applauding for her without holding back.

While most of the awareness and development has been brought about through reasoning and calculative approach, there’s a major part of the schedule that went missing which is, applauding and praising her with no bounds. Neelam has indeed worked to bring about changes in the lives of women from her region.Let’s hope that India has many more such Neelams in near-future.

Be the change you wish to see in this world #Waytogo #WomenPower