I’m A Woman And I Love Sex Probably More Than Men But I’m Not Allowed To Accept It

Who said that women can’t love sex? The answer’s quite obvious- pretty much EVERYBODY. You know what the worst part is? Forget the overtly right wing types who’ll have you killed if you walk out of the house without a dupatta, it’s the awful so-called liberal people who’ll say that women have all the rights that’s due to them, but the fact is, when somebody finds a woman who is open about her sexuality, they will hunt her down and kill her happiness for good. And this will make her shut up about it and become non-existent.

You know what’s wrong with the world? They’ll believe that Ram put Sita through the fire and she SURVIVED it, then flew her back to Ayodhya on the Pushpak Viman. But tell them there are women in the country who actually like sex, and they’ll say ‘That’s just a myth!’

Shut up, okay? It took us a great deal of pain to accept our bodies. We were told to behave ‘appropriately’ when we were all of 6 years old! We’ve had the worst adolescence with men harassing us even when we were in our school uniforms! We were categorized into ‘under-developed’, ‘over-developed’, and ‘perky’ when we were only 13! It took us courage to accept our body and understand our sexuality. And you want to silence us and call us ‘loose’?

What’s worse, the same people who go from ‘Shh!’ to ‘Usho!’in public when you talk about how a woman should be open about her sexuality, will nicely sneak into your WhatsApp chat list and talk to you as if you offered to have sex with them during the course of that conversation.

I’m A Woman And I Love Sex Probably More Than Men But I’m Not Allowed To Accept It

Something has to be seriously wrong with the world, right? Because whenever you open your Facebook, you’re bombarded with ’empowering’ and ‘feminist’ pictures and posts that scream at you to not be afraid about your body, they yell from all directions of your social circle that you should not be afraid of your sexuality. But if you ACTUALLY talk about it, you’re shamed into silence. The vitriol and the humiliation will be made to become unbearable. I mean, the surest way to get branded a ‘slut’ is by mentioning condoms somewhere online. Even if you’re talking about the importance of safe sex, the reaction will be ‘Ooooh, she’s talking about the S-word!’

How do you expect women to be unafraid and unashamed, when most of them still don’t dare to cut their hair short because someone in our family ‘won’t like it’? Forget feeling ‘safe’ about your body, you can’t even feel safe about the feelings you have for your body. How many times has a man walked up to a ‘once-in-a-relationship-but-now-single’ woman and asked her “So, how many men have you slept with?”, as if it was the most normal question to ask!

Arey, baba. Why even talk about other men? How many boyfriends have told their girlfriends to ‘behave themselves’ when they became more aggressive in bed, or wanted to have sex when they weren’t up for it? I’m pretty sure every girl has come across one such mysogynistic a**hole at least once in her life.

I’m A Woman And I Love Sex Probably More Than Men But I’m Not Allowed To Accept It

Just because you understand sex references faster than most people, you’re a ‘whore’. If you break up more than twice, you’re ‘experienced’ (if you know what that is supposed to mean). You’re still the perfect girlfriend any guy would die to have, but if he finds you, he will be so overwhelmed by the fact that you know what you want in bed that he’ll not only dump you, but tell all your mutual friends that you’re a ‘sex addict’. Sadly, worse things have happened to women.

In general, lust is a ‘sin’ that you can’t talk about. But if the woman lusts, it’s an even bigger sin.

It’s like saying Maggi will kill you, but the Maggi that your girlfriend makes will kill you even more. Doesn’t make sense right? Especially when Maggi doesn’t even kill!

Now tell me what’s the point of all the social media blaring about ‘women empowerment’? People accept stories about the Gods clanging lightning bolts at each other, but they won’t accept a sexually self-aware woman. Women who are truly not ashamed of their body’s needs are even less credible than myths. Most of these women choose not to care, and that makes people treat them in an even worse manner. And the same people make excuses for rapists. What world are we living in?

What is the point of appreciating a nude painting accompanied by a poem (which promptly gets shared on your Facebook), if you still can’t manage to ‘disobey’ your parents when they say ‘Don’t wear that’? (Come on! It’s only sleeveless!) You really think we will truly achieve sexual freedom? You will sooner be able to bend space-time and make your way to an alternate universe.

But you want to become a sexually free woman?

Forget it, it’s not going to happen.

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